Home Equity Loan Risks

Home Equity Loan Risk – Is it?


Tapping into your assets is something that you may be considering and obtaining a home equity loan may be the solution for you. Needing extra money today is an understatement. We are all trying very hard to keep what we currently have but this is getting harder. Our homes are a huge asset because that is one reason why we bought them.

Is it a risk?

With today’s economy, applying for any type of loan seems a somewhat of a risk since things are constantly changing and not always for the best. If your home still has some value to it and that value is more than the current amount due on your mortgage, you could possibly get a home equity loan. Equity is this difference between the current value of your home and your current mortgage balance.

With this type of loan, you can’t ask for more than the equity that has been built up. For example, if you need $50,000 and the amount of equity your home has is $40,000, you will only receive a maximum of $40,000 if the lender approves of that amount. Yes, you still must be approved for the loan as it is a loan and must be paid back.

Generally speaking, it is easier for a home owner to obtain a home equity loan than a traditional loan. The requirements for approval are the same for any other type of loan; what is your income, how long have you worked for your current employer, do you have any other source of income and so on. In addition, all basic rules apply to obtaining this type of loan compared to any other and that you must agree to all terms and pay the amount due on time for the length of the loan.

Is it the best loan for you?

Is getting a home equity loan something that you should consider? If you are debating on obtaining a loan and have a decent amount of equity in your home, then you should consider it but do not consider it as your only option. There are many other types of loans available and you should consider your circumstances when deciding which loan is best for you.

Taking equity out on your home is a commitment to your home. You are borrowing against your home and if you are unable to pay the loan, a lien can be placed against your home. This means that if you were to sell your home, the mortgage is paid first and then the equity loan must be paid and then if there is any money left over you can have that.

Where can a loan be obtained?

You can obtain a home equity loan at any financial institution, mortgage broker or lender. Do not take the first offer that comes along; shop around to find the best deals on APR’s, fees and other costs that are involved with obtaining a loan. Most importantly, ask questions and if you are unsure about taking out the loan, don’t sign on the bottom line. I hope you now have a clear image of home equity loan risks.

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